Floridade (Determinate)



Tomatoes fit into two major categories. Indeterminate or vine type. Tomatoes need to be staked. The growth of indeterminate plants continue after the fruit has set, right up to the onset of cold weather. Determinate or bush type tomatoes provide earlier fruiting, but typically less yeild than vines. The growth of determinate plants stops at the onset of fruiting. Approximately 300 seeds/gram.

  • Start tomatoes indoors in early April. Seeds require soil temperatures of 20°C to 30°C to germinate.
  • Be sure to transfer to a cooler area before transplanting to harden off and avoid transplant shock.
  • After last frost, set out 45-50 cm [18-20″] apart, in rows 90 cm [36″] apart.
  • For stronger roots and more draught resistance, transplant deeply or on an angle.
  • Water, well and evenly, but do not keep soil continuously wet as roots require oxygen from soil.
  • Fertilize regularly.
  • Seed Centre recommends using large [25 litre+] black plastic pots for northern gardeners. This gives warmer soil temperatures and provides better control of soil conditions.

Floradade – 77 days – Bush. Produces 125 g [5 oz] smooth deeply globed fruits. A good shipper. Requires staking. Tolerance to VF1, VF2, ST and ASC.



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